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Handa (Myanmar) Respect the Local Customs And Arranged the Full Moon Blessings Activities

The first full moon day during July August (Burmese Calendar 4th month) is a very important festival in Myanmar. It is said that this day is the day when the Buddha preached for the first time, symbolizing the birth of Buddhism, therefore, this day is of great significance in Buddhist countries, which is called the full moon festival among the people. In Myanmar people usually hold solemn Buddhist activities within two weeks before and after the full moon day to invite eminent monks to chant scriptures and pray for blessings.

Handa (Myanmar) follows the local customs and respects the local culture. In recent days, various factories have also held blessing activities to pray for the health and safety of employees, the smooth development of enterprises and the happiness and peace of the people. Factory employees participate in various forms of blessing activities and share the vegetarian meal together. 

In the past six years since Handa Enterprises settled in Myanmar, they have fully respected local customs and culture and integrated into them. While providing employees with good job opportunities and labor remuneration, they have also given them considerate life help and spiritual care as far as possible, so that they can work and live in a completely free environment.