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Handa (Myanmar) Conduct Charity Activities, Visit the Lonely Elderly and Disabled People

A few days ago the staff from HR Admin. Division of Handa (Myanmar) visited a local care center for the elderly and a hospital for the disabled on behalf of Handa Enterprises. They visited the lonely elderly people and disabled patients, and paid tribute to the managers of the care center and hospital for the elderly and the disabled.

On the same day, Handa (Myanmar) donated a total of 1.15 million Kyats to elderly care center and disabled people's hospitals for daily operation and management. Among them, 350000 kyat for the elderly, 600000 kyat for the disabled hospital, and additional 200000 kyat espeically for breakfast for more than 1200 patients in the disabled hospital.


Visitors Distribute Love Donation and Chat With the Lonely Elderly People


Donation ceremony for the elderly care center and the disabled hospital