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Handa enterprise accepted investigation and guidance from the city federation of trade unions, to complete employee service work

    On 3rd August, Shen Xiaoping, the vice-chairman of Wuxi Federation of Trade Unions, along with her delegation, visited our company to investigate and study the work of our female stuff. Tang Zhongming the secretary and Gao Jie the vice-chairman of Xishan District Federation of Trade Unions, Zhou Fengnan the chairman of Dongbeitang Subdistrict Federation of Trade Unions, Heng Zeli the Senior Vice-president oh Handa, Han Qingming the chairman of Handa labor Union and etc. attended together.  

Under the companion and guidance of our company staff, the investigation group and their delegation visited the corporation culture exhibition hall,the priority infant care rooms, production workhouses, better knew the development and staff working environment of our company in site, specially knew the job deployment and achievement of female staff in our company. Vigorous working state of the female staff made deep impression to the investigation group. 

The construction of the female staff service position is also an important matter in this investigation and study. In the priority infant care room for Handa female staff, the investigation group inquired about the usage frequency,the user number, supporting facilities etc. of the infant care rooms, approved our companys construction and maintenance work for the infant care rooms.

Chairman Han of the corporation labour union reported the work about the culture construction of the the corporation labour union, introduced the events of the labor union. The investigation group deeply approved the work of the vocational skill contests, the online streamed annual meetings, the commendations of outstanding employees etc. implemented by our company, and fully approved the full of varieties of female staff events implemented by our company.

Ms. Shen Xiaoping offered proposals for the future female employees work, suggested that we concern about the special female employees families(single parent families etc.) and their work, along with their life conditions, well perform the propaganda and guidance for the work of the labor union, provide better service for the mass employees, and construct a harmonious work environment.