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Signing ceremony of Industry-University-Research(IUR) between Handa Enterprise and Jiangnan University smoothly proceeded

On 13th September 2022, the signing ceremony of Industry-University-Research(IUR) between Handa Enterprise and Jiangnan University held in the conference room of Administrative Building One. Professor Jiang Gaoming and Professor Cong Honglian from Jiangnan University,  CEO of Handa Enterprise Mr. Qiao Liang, the senior vice president Mr. Jiang Yanhui, the general manager of Hengnuo Technology Mr. Feng Peisheng etc. Attended this signing ceremony.

CEO of Handa Enterprise Mr. Qiao Liang delivered a speech. He said that Handa Enterprise shared a tight bond with JIangnan University. This deep cooperation of IUR was a new breakthrough for Handa and the deep university-corporation cooperation could make the university-corporation advantage complementation come true, optimize the production structures, complete the storage of key technologies and enhance the corporation core competitiveness, realize the corporation sustainable development.  

Professor Cong Honglian from jiangnan University introduced the main content and purpose of this IUR cooperation, including studying and developing prospective technologies while solving the current technology problems, accumulating technical schemes and establishing the protection pond for Handa intellectual properties, fully constructing the creation platform of Handa Enterprise from aspects of the talent cultivation, the center construction and the award declaration etc.

           Professor Jiang gaoming, from Knitting Technology Project Study Center of Education Department of Jiangnan University, introduced the project in the first phrase regarding to this IUR. Professor Jiang said that the university-corporation cooperation was the vital way to realize the university-corporation bilateral mutual development, hoping that the school advantages could fully taken through this cooperation to realize the win-win situation.