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Dream as horse, act your glorious youth----Commendation conference of “Succeeded in Collage Entrance Examination” for offspring of Handa staff

April showers bring may flowers. This year, there were totally 23 sons and daughters of our employees succeeded in Collage Entrance Examination, becoming a collage student.

In order to celebrate the good tidings, in the morning of 22nd August, our company prepared a grand commendation ceremony for the students, inviting Zhou Fengnan the chairman of Dongbeitang sub-district federation of Trade Unions and Qiao Liang CEO of Handa, celebrating this exciting moment with the students and their parents, having this unforgettable time.

Before this event, the students first came to their parents work position to experience the working environment and working content of their in this company.

Hard study for over ten years, their parents even made every effort to cultivate them, hoping that the students could deeply understand their parents hardship though this experience.

After the brief working experience, under the guidance of our staff, the students, together with their parents, visited the showroom, the R&D center, the testing center, the cutting workhouse, the garment workhouse, making the students further understand Handa through visiting.

In the conference, Jiang Yanhui the senior vice president of the company congratulated to the the student who succeed in Collage Entrance Examination and their parents in his opening speech.

The representatives of the students and parents sequentially delivered speeches, and the attendees shared their stories of growing-up and experience of education.

In the exciting part of awarding, students received the heavy flowers, trophies, cash red-pockets, gift boxes of Goodio underwear, with smiles on their faces, laughter full of the scene, atmosphere filled with happiness.

The enterprise CEO Mr. Qiao Liang encouraged the students to study hard and strengthen their wills, hoping that they could make great contributions to our society. 

The progress of a nation engraves the traces of the young, and the future of a nationality depends on the power of youth. We strive because of we are the ordinary, and also we will become outstanding because of striving.

Self-confidence and self-improvement derives from the accumulation and deposit of no fear of hardships and difficulties. Any beautiful ideal all depends on hardships, difficulties and frequent hard working. Every student who succeed in Collage Entrance Examination is backed up by their parents who strive to be a better person and pay much attention to their family tradition, and the Handa enterprise culture of advocating learning and chasing kindness is also backed up by these families. May all these students be hungry for knowledge from a brand new starting point, succeed in you study career and eventually harvest a prosperous future.